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Welcome to Ely City WI

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Ely City WI is one of the WIs that form the Isle of Ely Federation, which are all part of the National Federation of Women's Institutes


A warm welcome from our President, Sheila :

As a WI, we are creative, colourful, joyous and friendly. We are an active WI.  We have laughter, concentration, light heartedness and the odd serious moment (when we have to).  ​We support each other, we are here for each other, we care for each other.  Being a WI member opens up many opportunities for our members to learn, try out, and develop new skills they never knew they had!  Our members are from all walks of life and bring a richness to our WI.  We have members who are young mums, who are working women and those who are retired.  We span the age ranges.  We are here for you. We would be delighted to meet you.


We have a programme of 11 meetings across the WI year (April to March) with a summer social event in August, our programme page provides more details.  We currently have 5 sub-groups which allow our members to meet and chat, enjoy shared interest activities, share time together and make friends, details can be located from the programme page.  We undertake, usually, around 8 small to medium projects each year which support WI campaigns and other national events: click on the "more" tab above and select any of the digital scrapbooks to find out about some of them and our meetings.  We engage with our local community through fundraising events and in other ways too via our sub-groups, making use of venues across the City.


Don't delay, come and join us today.


We are Ely City WI. We are. We can. We do.

*Guest rate applies (£5.00 per meeting), 3 visits, then will have to join WI on 4th visit and pay subscription fee.  

If you are a member of another WI then the visitor fee is £2.50 on production of your WI membership card, after 3 visits then you would have to join as a dual member.

Details of current subscription rate can be found at NFWI website (see links page). 

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